My story

I was lucky to grow up in a house filled with beautiful flowers and the wonderful smell of cooking. This made me realise that a pretty bouquet can change the atmosphere of any home and that great produce is essential to simple cooking and wellbeing.

Today, I am a mother of three adorable little girls, Victoire, Alicia Lou and Pénélope, and married to a wonderful man with whom I share the taste for beautiful things. So, unearthing the perfect olive oil for our octopus salad, the delightful scented candle for the newly arrived spring or the sea salt bath that will turn my bathroom into a spa is always a source of pleasure.

Victoire & Lou was born from my desire to share these products and bouquets that I create. Life should be made of small pleasures and great joys, surprises and attentions. As such, I hope that my creations will provide as much joy to the person you’ve chosen to spoil as I’ve had preparing them.

Love xxx


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